Finding My Way

I retired from my wonderful corporate job in January of this year. It was at once hard to say goodbye and easy. I loved the job and the people I worked with, something I couldn’t say about every job I’ve had for sure, so it was hard in that regard, but it was easy to finally get to the place most of us dream of: Retirement.

For me, retirement from the corporate world was never going to be to the life of leisure – boating, golfing, or what-have-you. I knew that my career had too many stumbles for that to be a pure reality for my wife and me. One too many layoffs along the way had resulted in huge chunks of a once formidable retirement account falling into the abyss like large boulders during an avalanche.

But this is turning out to be really exciting. I suspect though, not in a way that most people would think. Yes, my wife and I are going to travel–to see family and the world–so that part IS exciting. But what I’m really excited about is the absolute freedom to do what I want, and what I want is time to think and create. To write, like this, and hopefully a book or two. And compose. From my garage band days, I’ve been writing songs but never in a disciplined way. Now I can, on my keyboard and guitars here in my office, and now I will. Freedom to spend my time to create the way I’ve always wanted to really is a dream come true. It is very liberating, and yes, very exciting to me.

I’ve read the life stories and the writing pointers of famous authors I admire. I’ve picked up wonderful pearls of wisdom, and if I remember to, I’ll incorporate them into my work. The best advice that I read again and again is to have my own voice. Don’t try to imitate those I admire. Authenticity is the absolute key. So it goes.


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