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Welcome to Breakfast Musings! I am so excited that you decided to stop by. From my perspective, it’s like someone stopping at my house for a cup of coffee, and that’s how I hope to make you feel. You are my guest, so welcome in!

So what’s this all about anyway? Well, here we will seek to understand the world a little better and make the world a little better. I will share my views on politics, current events, living in America, and on Earth, and I hope to engage your views as well. I ask that we all treat each other with the same respect and courtesy we would if we were sitting at the kitchen table of someone who invited you in. It should be fun!

I will say at the outset for transparency, I am a Democrat and my views are progressive. Several of my lifelong friends are Republicans, so I am trying to go for win-win as Stephen Covey taught us. Our relationships with each other matter. As the great Ken Burns teaches us, “There’s only us; there’s no them,” in America: We’re all Americans. The sooner we come to that realization, the better. Don’t confuse this with a desire to practice “both-sidesism.” What I see from Trump and Trumpism is fascist, racist, reactionary, and just plain wrong for this country. But I do know there are good people who have traditionally identified as Republicans and I’m calling for their better angels to emerge. If Democrats say or do something that I disagree with, I’ll call that out too.

The blog will work in conjunction with the podcast/YouTube channel that provides exciting and thought-provoking ideas and perspectives, enhanced by the view of guests from a variety of professions and experiences.

Hopefully, I will work to help the audience understand the world a little better by bringing in perspectives from History and Philosophy, and fundamentally good old common sense.

So welcome to Breakfast Musings! Hopefully, you’ll find the information and experience worthy of your time and attention. Please read my blog posts here: https://breakfastmusings.com/category/blog/