Gary Cottingham

Gary Cottingham is a Marketing Consultant and Agency Owner based in Tallahassee, Florida. The views expressed in this blog are his own and not necessarily those of the agency. He was born and raised in Rochester, NY and has lived in Florida since 2006 with his wife Sandy. They have three grown sons.

This Morning I Wept

It’s funny how viewing or hearing a snippet of something can hit your emotions instantly and unexpectedly. This morning the prolific social media entertainment poster, Michael Warburton (@MichaelWarbur17 on fka Twitter and Threads), put up a clip of Christopher Plummer’s scene from The Sound of Music singing Edelweiss. As Captain Von Trapp, Plummer gets to …

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On Facing Mortality

A year ago this past December, the quarterback of my high school football team died. He was 65. Gillain-Barre had paralyzed him and he developed blood clots that ultimately killed him by causing a stroke. I had just spoken to him over the phone a month before. He was excited and planning to do another …

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